Creating a balanced atmosphere in your Home and Office

While it is sometimes hard to understand, the best feng shui position in the bedroom is called the command position. This command position dictates the best position and it doesn’t only include the bedroom, it encompasses business such as your office or building where you work. It is said in the guidelines that if you can’t see the door from your bed, that you avoid issues and can easily be overcome with stresses and life can easily stun you.

The greatest position is to place your bed so that it is in line with the entrance door to your room, as this will create a more positive atmosphere that has positive energies about it. It is also believed that this position can actually alleviate stresses, irritability and even health problems. Now if you can achieve all this through a simple repositioning of your bed, it is highly recommended that you at least try it. I mean what have you got to lose?

The best feng shui position for the bed is of high importance because in today’s society it isn’t uncommon to have a television in the bedroom and even a computer. According to the position guidelines, it clearly states that you should not have your office in the bedroom so remove those computers and rearrange it in a suitable position.

The idea behind this is that work and rest do not go hand in hand together and as such, creates negative energies that affect you and probably also the fact that unless you are independently wealthy, it’s likely don’t have that big of a bedroom that you can place both a computer and desk as well as a bed in the correct position.

Speaking of small bedrooms, it is a very common occurrence that it is difficult to even put the bed in the best position and could cause problems due to space limitations. It is important that you don’t place the bed on the same wall with the kitchen, bathroom, shower as well as any other ‘active’ items that might be on that wall. Use your finest interior decorating skills to arrange the furniture so you can receive optimal benefits even if it means taking the television out of your room!

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