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Humidity Control in the Air as an important aspect of breathing in Clean and Fresh Air

The moisture level in the air is the crux of healthy living. It’s not just oxygen but combination of this life giving gas and moisture that keeps you alive under the sun. Humidity control in the air is thus an important aspect of breathing in clean and fresh air.

Humidifier and dehumidifier are a part of air purification system for the interiors.

Significance of humid air

A certain amount of humidity should always be there in the atmosphere. All of us are pretty well aware of its significance. Every type of falls; be it rain or snow or fog or mist has this humidity as the key factor. The temperature difference in the environment also depends on moisture to a great extent.

But how does this moisture affect the atmosphere within the confinements of four walls?

Moisture and mold allergy

There is close affinity between mold and moisture. Relate the connection.

- When does the mold allergy trigger the most? If you have keenly observed it is either due to some specific fabrics or the level of moisture content in the air.

- It has been clearly detected that if the level of moisture is the air is high and more than 50%, the molds get activated and cause the allergic reaction.

- Therefore the air purifying process must have the dehumidifier in this case to fight back with this allergy.

Nasal infection and moisture

Earlier you saw how high amount of moisture present in the air inside your house can be troublesome. Also you came to know what type of adjustments is required to keep the allergen away.

Now it’s your turn to know what will happen if the moisture level goes down.

- The fine membranes inside your nose will suffer from suffocation and dry up.

- You will have troubles with breathing.

- Your nose will start bleeding all of a sudden.

- And a constant feel of irritation will make you disgusted and awful

What are the ways you can resist this situation?

- Here also the moisture content in air has a vital role to play.

- If the moisture content of air goes below 40%, the chances of nose bleeding are more. Thus you will have to see that the moisture level is around 50 and 60 percent to prevent this problem.

- The air purifying system will thus take the help of the humidifier to raise the moisture level in the air and stabilize the condition.

Therefore comfort level in your home can be highly manipulated by moisture. Keep wet and keep dry both are crucial for the air purification. None can be disregarded for your healthy being.